Film heating system - it is the most rational electrical system for heating any room today.

Forget about pipes, boilers and radiators

from 20€ m2

What is

Film Heating System

in 4 steps


feel the warmth of the sun at home

Simple, Reliable

and Safe

No space needed


Cost Effective

High-quality and Efficient 


Fast and Simple Inslallation




Application Area

The system is universal and can be used for any type of civil and industrial buildings, wherever it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature. The system is most effective and irreplaceable for the rooms where the absence of dust is of great importance.

How it works

Film heating panels are fixed on the ceiling covering only 50% of it's area, and are hidden behind decor. When turned on, the panels heat up (no more then 45C) and almost within 5-10 minutes begin to emit thermal energy in the form of an infrared spectrum (thermal component of sunlight) which travels down and aside at a speed of light. When the infrared waves hit the floor, walls, furniture and all other solid objects in the room they all get warmed, warming the air in the room (creating a comfortable microclimate).

As soon as the temperature reaches the level set by the customer, the thermostat automatically turns off the power supply. When the room temperature drops, the system automatically turns on to keep the temperature at a given level.


Types of Installation

Ceiling Film Heater


Floor Film Heater

How to Get it

in 7 days

Free advice




Cost of Ownership

for a house of 150 sq.m.

Electric boiler

Film Heating System

No pipes and radiators
No room for equipment
No noise
No mold promotion
No convection and dust
Construction time
5-7 days
1-2 weeks
50+ years
10-15 years
Construction cost
4600 €
4600 €
Pereodic maintenance
no need
100 €
Effectivness of power usage
98 %
40-80 %
Expenses for energy carrier and maintenance for a heating season (3 months)
486 €
964 €

2 times


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