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Floor Film Heater

Floor film heaters can be used as additional heating system for any premises, like any other floor heating methods. However it doesn't need an cement underlayment.

The thickness of the five-layer heating panel: not more than 0.4 mm.
Weight of the panel: not more than 550 gr/sq.m.
Heating temperature: not more than 45°С.
Average power consumption: 25 W/sq.m/hour.
Power supply voltage: 220 V.
Coefficient of efficiency: 98%.

Heating material: special alloy.

Radiated IR flux wavelength: <0.9 µm

Сurrent strength 1-1.2 A

Lifetime: not less than 50 years.
Degree of protection: IP-67

Final look

Film heating panels are fixed on the floor slab and then can be covered with any finishing material (porcelain stoneware, ceramic tile, laminate, bulk floor, soft floor covering, etc.)


The price is 40€ for 1 m2 of the Film Heater.

Construction cost depends on the chosen optional equipment, and is about 7-9€ per 1 m2 on average.