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microencapsulated fire extinguishing system

It is an innovative technology developed for local suppression of fire at an early stage, directly in the place of inflammation.



High fire extinguishing efficiency
Special purpose - equipment protection
Extinguishing fires classes A, B, C, E
The miniature dimension


Autonomus - does not require power

Long life (5 years after installation)

Wide range of application

Unique simplicity and low installation costs


How it works


The technology is simple for understanding and innovative by essence: a device made by this technology can remain for many years in “standby mode” and automatically extinguish fire in a place where it occurs, without letting it develop into a big fire.

The structure of such materials includes microcapsules with fire retardant agent - freon - confined within. When heated to a preset temperature, the shell of capsule bursts discharging freon. When freon is in contact with open fire or smoldering surface, freon binds and displaces oxygen, swiftly cools the place of burning and thus quickly and effectively extinguishes the inflammation.

Application Area


Apartments, cottages, cottage villages, villas, individual buildings

Private villas

Hospitals, clinics

Health institutions

Universities, schools, kindergartens

Educational institutions

Shops, malls, office buildings, airports, cinemas, museums, night clubs

Places of mass stay of people


Warehousing and industrial premises

Storage areas for important goods: warehouses, logistic complexes

Industrial enterprises

Plants, factories, manufacturing enterprises

Government buildings

Administrative buildings, banks, libraries

Special objects

Objects of energy, oil and gas complexes and nuclear industry, gas stations

Solution For

PyroStikers are effective for protecting any bounded spaces with IP 20+:

electric sockets

electric boards
distribution boards

server equipment
electrical cabinets
control cabinets
switching units
control points
safes and bank cells

Solution Against

- Defects of isolation, factory defects, reduction of the value of electrical insulation as a result of aging;
- Physical damage to the wires while servicing or replacing the elements and wires of electrical installations;
- Increased load by 0;
- Weak contacts (poor contact tracing);
- Friction of current-carrying conductors as a result of improper installation;
- Automatic failure;
- Excess of normative load, including on sockets;
- Connection of the consumer of the overestimated capacity;
- Inexperience of staff;
- Flooding on risers passing near the electricity, moisture ingress;
- Defective fire extinguishing installation.




PROTECTION of any strictly bounded space filled with equipment up to 60 liters

PYROSTICKER is a miniature self-contained, automatic local fire suppression installation. Intended for protection against inflammation of any electrical equipment having confined space.

PYROSTICKER is a flexible plate of composite fire suppressing material carried by self-adhesive substrate. Method of mounting — gluing horizontally over a potential source of ignition.

PYROSTICKER is designed for use in residential premises, for it can doze extinguishing agent releasing it in strictly limited amount, if necessary (when the operation temperature is reached). Thus, maximal safety for humans is ensured.

Piristicker 2.png

Maximum size of protected objects 
up to 2,000 liters

The PYROCORD innovative product is a cord of composite material being a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound.

PYROCORD is placed within the protected local space so that it is located over each potential source of inflammation. Under the effect of fire in any point on PYROCORD an initiation of heating compound occurs with subsequent chemical reaction throughout its length. The reaction is accompanied by heat discharge which results in the bursting of all microcapsules and the discharge of vapors of fire retardant agent, while the concentration of fire retardant agent (FRA) is reached in the local space that is necessary for the termination of inflammation. 






PyroSticker P


Weight 2.5 gr.

Protected volume 0.2 liters

Price 8 €


PyroSticker 15

Weight 10 gr.

Protected volume 15 liters

Price 40 €


PyroSticker 25


Weight 15 gr.

Protected volume 25 liters

Price 58 €



Piristicker 2.png

Weight 50 gr.

Protected volume 50 liters

Price 85 €

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