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No space needed

You will save already at the design stage. You do not need a separate room for the boiler room and fuel storage. You do not need to breathe in the products of combustion of coal or diesel fuel, you do not need to constantly clean the chimneys! Your house will be free of pipelines, radiators and with fuel tanks.

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Simple, Reliable

and Safe

The system does not contain any mechanical elements, as well as piping which may suffer from leakage. It is insensible to voltage drops and power outages, does not require monitoring and can be left unsupervised for a long time.
The system is absolutely explosion-proof and fireproof. All current-carrying elements are in a polymeric non-combustible moisture-proof enclosure and can not cause a fire.
The temperature of the heating panels in the system does not exceed +45 degrees and is beyond the reach of people (high on the ceiling). Therefore, neither children, nor adults, nor domestic animals will have contact with any hot surfaces.

IP67 protection class.

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Cost Effective

1) The savings are achieved first of all due to its high efficiency (up to 98%).  
2) The savings are also achieved by automatically maintaining the temperature in the room set by the host. The room is never overheated. 
3) In your absence, it is not necessary to maintain the temperature at 20-23°C. You can set the temperature around 10°C while you are away, and turn it on only in 40 minutes before you come back. This time will be enough to raise temperature to 20°C. Conventional convective heating system will require from 10 hours for it.

4) To maintain a comfortable temperature of 1 sq.m. the house area is spent only 15 W / hour (or 1.5 kW / hour on a house of 100 sq. m.). This is by 4-7 times less compared to electric and solid fuel boilers.

5) The system does not require any maintenance. In this respect, the operating costs for the system are zero.

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High-quality and Efficient

The system provides a more homogeneous warming of the room, heating it evenly from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, excluding any cold nooks ("pockets"). The temperature difference at the ceiling and at the floor is very low.

In areas with a humid climate, the film heater effectively dries the premises, bringing their humidity values to normal values and prevents the formation of molds.


Traditional heating systems dry out the air and may introduce dangerous pollutants into it, in particular, increase the carbon monoxide content in the air. Due to convection flows, the traditional heating system raises a large amount of dust and microbes in the room. Film heater does not affect the chemical composition of the air, does not burn oxygen and the amount of dust in the air is 10 times lower.

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The system can control the temperature in your home or in each separate room (economy mode used when you are away). This can be done even remotely - from a cell-phone or via the Internet with the help of appropriate equipment.
If there is not enough power supplied to the house, the system can be supplemented with a priority relay, which distributes the load. When you turn on a kettle, a washing machine, an iron and other household appliances, which are indispensable, the relay turns off the required number of system elements. After switching off the household appliances, the system elements are turned on automatically and "catch up" the temperature to the value set on the thermostat, and you will not feel the temperature fluctuations.



For how many years will a well-mounded electrical household network serve? For decades! Infrared heating system is nothing more than a set of electric conductors, sealed in a polymer coating. The service life of the film heating system is practically unlimited. Manufacturer's warranty is 10 years. Lifetime is no less than 50 years.


Fast and Simple Installation

The labor-intensiveness and time for the installation of the system is much less than that of any other conventional heating system with a liquid coolant. Installation and start-up of the infrared heating system for the house with an area of 100 square meters will not take more than 7 days. If necessary, the system is easy to dismantle.

The system does not require to be prepared for the heating season.



Your interior will not be spoiled with any pipes and radiators.  The heating elements are covered with any finishing material (plasterboard, stretch ceiling, plastic panels, Armstrong ceilings, wood, etc.).  The exception is metal sheets.  An infrared heating system in a residential building reveals itself only by the presence of a thermostat which has a size of a wall outlet.

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