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STAGE 1 Solids Removal

The automatic solids transfer (AST) option filters and transfers food waste automatically to drain, with no human input required. The internal strainer (IS) option filters food in a removable basket.

STAGE 2 Grease Trapped

After entering the main tank grease which is lighter than water separates naturally and remains trapped. The heavier “clean” water leaves the tank under a baffle before being discharged to drain.

STAGE 3 Grease Removal Programme

A preprogrammed removal cycle starts by first agitating the trapped grease waste through a water-jet system automatically activated with a solenoid valve. This helps suspended grease globules to further separate and directs the waste towards the skimming mechanism. The waste is then heated and the grease liquefies. The liquefied grease is then skimmed and transferred to external receptacles to await recycling.

STAGE 4 Self Cleaning

A wash down programme is automatically activated to ensure the screening and skimming system remains clean.

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