Grease Guardian - is the whole line-up of grease traps which are required to prevent grease from entering drains and causing blockages. The Grease Guardian is a grease interceptor that traps fats, oils and grease and removes them through skimming.

Grease Guardian grease traps are approved for sale in USA, UK and Ireland as well as most major cities in over 30 countries with offices and support services.

Grease Guardians are manufactured by FM Environmental Ltd founded in 1977. 

from 2,585€


• Traps grease and food waste
• Automatically separates & removes fats,

oils and grease, from kitchen waste water
• No unpleasant odors
• Solids filtration as standard
• Easy to install & minimal maintenance
• Reduces pump out requirements
• Collected waste can be recycled
• Solid stainless steel construction
• Programmable logic control
• Full customer support
• Saves energy and environment
• Up to 5-years warranty

Pipe after using GG

Pipe before using GG

How it Works

(1) Grease from sinks or ovens enters the stainless steel fully sealed tank through an inlet
(2) food waste is strained in a removable filter
(3) grease separates from water in the main grease trap tank
(4) grease is skimmed away by a drum or wheel
(5) and discharged into an external receptacle
(6) only "treated" water is allowed to drain through the outlet

Application Area

Grease Guardian is a universal product and can be used for any type of residential, civil and industrial buildings – shopping centers, airports, stadiums, food production factories, recreation centers, restaurants, hotels, shops, schools, kindergardens and other business involved in food preparation and food service facilities.


All commercial and domestic kitchens



Fermented milk production


Food productions


Product Line


for ovens


3,15-10   l/s
1000+ dishes

D & X series

0,5-3   l/s
<100 dishes


for coffee machines

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