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ST2 Coffee machine waste filter

The ST2 is a filter for industrial coffee machines, specifically designed to treat the waste flow of the backwash before going to the drain. Coffee grounds are strained through an ultra fine fabric mesh filter.


The ST2 is easy to fit and comes with pipe fittings and wall brackets for easy installation. The ultra fine fabric mesh filter can be used to strain the grounds.
For confined spaces ST2 mini version is available.

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ST4 & ST8 Undersink Solid Strainer with coffee filter attachment

The ST4 and ST8 coffee waste filters can be installed under sinks used in cafes to strain coffee grounds and other fine sediment. The under-sink option can take the waste from the sink as well as the coffee machine itself.

With the ST8 floor mounted trap, several filtration methods are available to choose from, including mesh bags, ultra fine fabric mesh filter and stainless steel basket options.
Maintenance is easy. Once a day or when a reduced flow is noticed from the sink, simply open the tank and remove the filtration device, empty and replace.

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