Ceiling Film Heater

The placement of the heating system on the ceiling is somewhat unusual for the consumer. However, a decade of experience has broken stereotypes. This way of placement of heaters creates 15% energy savings.


The uniqueness of heaters is the directivity of the heat flow. It is due to it that heat losses are significantly reduced.

Ceiling film heaters of the latest generation have extremely high performance characteristics, in many respects surpassing all world-known analogues, and are used as a main heating system for any building.

Series - EVO-300-PRO
Size - 500x600 mm
Weight - 150 g
Thickness - less than 1 mm
Average power consumption 11-15 kW/m²/ month
Rated voltage - 220V
Maximum heating temperature - 50°С
Power - 66 W/pcs. (220 W/m²)
Protection class - IP44

Lifetime: not less than 50 years.

Final look

Ceiling Film heating
Ceiling Film heating

Ceiling Film Heater 2
Ceiling Film Heater 2

Ceiling Film Heater 4
Ceiling Film Heater 4

Ceiling Film heating
Ceiling Film heating

Heating pannel.png

Film heating panels are fixed to the ceiling through a thin heat-insulating material with a reflective layer, and then can be covered with any finishing material (plasterboard, stretch ceiling, plastic panels, Armstrong ceilings, wood, etc.)


The price is 40€ for 1 m² of the house.