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Ceiling Film Heater

Ceiling film heaters of the latest generation have extremely high performance characteristics, in many respects surpassing all world-known analogues, and are used as a main heating system for any building.

The thickness of the five-layer heating panel: not more than 0.4 mm.
Weight of the panel: not more than 550 gr/sq.m.
Heating temperature: not more than 45°С.
Average power consumption: 15 W/sq.m/hour.
Power supply voltage: 220 V.
Coefficient of efficiency: 98%.

Heating material: special alloy.

Emitted IR flux wavelength: <0.9 µm

Сurrent strength 1-1.2 A

Lifetime: not less than 50 years.
Degree of protection: IP-67

Final look

Film heating panels are fixed to the ceiling through a thin heat-insulating material with a reflective layer, and then can be covered with any finishing material (plasterboard, stretch ceiling, plastic panels, Armstrong ceilings, wood, etc.)


The price is 40€ for 1 m2 of the Film Heater or 20€ for 1 m2 of the heated area. Construction cost depends on the chosen optional equipment, and is about 10-12€ per 1 m2 on average.