Our Servicies



Our company makes selection of the right equipment along with the right effluent disposal method, and designs on-site wastewater treatment systems for all building types – residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, etc. When cooperating with design institutions and mechanical engineers, we provide them with all technical data which they need to include our equipment in the project.



We construct on-site wastewater treatment systems based on our own treatment facilities. We can take upon ourselves all the troubles and concerns connected with the construction of on-site system on turnkey terms, or carry out only the checkout and startup of the treatment plant, and the contractor will perform all other construction works (earthworks, piping, cabling, etc.) under the control of our specialist, if necessary.  At that, the 3-year warranty is maintained.



We provide full warranty and postwarranty service for any on-site sewage systems. We have access to a full range of spare parts and expendable materials in stock and on request. We guarantee high quality of the works performed.



Our specialists can also offer a reconstruction of the existing system or total replacement of it with a new one. These works can also be carried out either by our own means or by the client himself under the control of our specialist.  We also make all kinds of repairs of any treatment plants.