Environmentally safe

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The plant is manufactured of only corrosion resistant and ecologically safe materials. 

The plant provides high rate of treatment (up to 98%) throughout all the contaminants, thanks to which the final effluent is harmless for the environment and public health.

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Light and compact

The body of the plant is made of light high-strength plastic, has small overall dimensions and low weight.
The body is strong enough to resist soil pressure without any additional reinforcement (when buried). The weight of the plant for 5-6 occupants is only 130 kg.

No smell and noise


Thanks to the absence of a primary settler with it's harmfull and smelly septage inside, the plant is odour-free and high hygienic, with almost no noise.

Completely autonomus

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The plant doesn't demand filling or refueling with bacterial or chemical additives during the whole operation period.

Quick inslallation

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The plant is installed easyer than a septic tank, and may take less than 4 hours with no heavy machinery.

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No pumper truck

The plant is installed easyer than a septic tank, and may take less than 4 hours with no heavy machinery.

Easy maintenance

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Regular service policy includes only 2 service visits per year. The maintenance doesn't require any special skills and can be easily completed by the owner himself.

Seasonal use

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The plant is very suitable for intermittent use applications. It can work effectively up to 4 months without any wastewater inflow, thanks to high survivability of bacteria and special conditions provided.

EUROBION makes possibile to join several plants in parallel (working as one whole) which is very important for the buildings with seasonal variations of flow rate.

Low power consumption

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The plant has a very low power consumption. For example, a gravity-flow plant for 5 occupants consumes only 38 watts (0.912 kWt/day).

Optional equipment

optional equipment.png

- remote control panel
- GPS module 
- in-door visual and sound alarm system
- decorative covering 
- outlet filter
- chlorination device or UV (ultroviolet) desinfection unit